Sunday, December 5, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010

December Makes me Remember....

December makes me remember...waking up on Christmas morning in the house that built me. The house that was my home. The home that my mother built with her love, patience, and guidance through the years. The years of diapers and 2:00 am feedings, the years of scraped knees, first loves and first heartaches. December brings to mind all the other Decembers that have come to pass. Christmas mornings filled with excitement to receive an Etch-a-Scetch, a Kissy Doll, a dollhouse, a tape recorder ( now, that was high-tech)and not to mention, it brought hours upon hours of fun, my first pair of bell-bottoms; orange with flowers, which were so groovy. All the presents were nice. It makes me realize as each year passes how much my Mom actually sacrificed and how hard she must have worked to make me happy each Christmas. And not just in a material way. The memories that still play in my mind. The memories of her and I baking and doing crafts. It has come to my realization that is where I have received my "crafting gene". Mom was crafty. I know sometimes it feels like I am "channeling" her in some fashion, when I get a idea that surprises even me. I have recently chosen this beautiful vintage photograph of my Mom to represent "The TinMan's Wife" at my craft shows/sales. I think she would be pleased. I think she would appreciate the thought. I miss her and appreciate her everyday. Merry Christmas!